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Copy One User Account Into Another User Account Within the Same Computer (Windows XP)

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Have you ever noticed anything "irregular" about your computer? ...unable to access certain files, ...unable to Right Click, ...unable to see certain applications or utilities? Once you have eliminated any type of malicious infection, the next course of action may be to create another User Account. However, how do you transfer all the files from the old account to the new account?

This is a relatively easy process. Follow these steps and you should have no problem:

- Open Control Panel and click on *User Accounts*

- Click on +Create a new account+

- Label this User Account anything you want

- Set the access for this User Account and then click +Create Account+

- Once you get back to the main screen, repeat the process. This time, you are going to create a dummy account. You will delete it once this process is complete.

- Close the Control Panel

- Restart the computer

- When you get to the Log-In screen, log into the User Account that you created...not the dummy account

- When the computer restarts Right Click on My Computer and click +Properties+

- Click on the Advanced tab

- Within the User Profiles section, click +Settings+

- Within this section, you can copy all the data from one account to another. Highlight the original User Account, the one that was causing problems, and click +Copy To+

- A browse window will open and navigate to the User Account you are currently using. (C:/Documents and Settings/User Account)

- Once you click OK, you will get a disclaimer message telling you that files are about to be copied. Once the process starts, *do not do anything until it is complete*. The larger the original account, the longer it will take to complete the copy.

- Once the copy is complete, you will be able to click OK twice to close the windows

- Open Control Panel again and click on *User Accounts*

- Delete both the original User Account and the dummy account.

I know this seems like a lot of steps but, believe me, you will save yourself a lot of time, and potentially money, versus reinstalling Windows.

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