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Run Linux In Windows XP... The Easy Way!

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Ever wonder what Linux is like, but you didn't want to install it on your physical HD? Same here, so I've created a document showing how it's done... legally, freely, and mostly importantly - easyly!

  • First things first, you will need to download the free VMware Player - Link

- VMware is a Virtual Operating System emulator.

  • Now we need to download the Linux OS we want to install (for this document I'll use Damn Small Linux.) - Link

\ -Choose the file named "current.iso" and download.

  • For the sake of keeping your Virtual machine tidy on your HD, download - Link

- When downloaded, extract the files to your C:\ Drive (you will see a folder named "OS" in it.)

  • The next step is to move the Linux .iso file into the "OS" folder


\ - Just drag and drop.

  • While you are in the OS folder, right click on "VMware configuration file" and select "open with"
  • Choose notepad; and change the file *ide1:0.fileName C:\OS\whatever-damn-small-linux-file-name-is-type-here*
  • Once this is changed; hit File > Save
  • Finally, go back to your OS folder and right click on the same configuration file you just altered and hit "create shortcut"...

\ name the shortcut "Damn Small Linux" and put it on your desktop.

  • The moment of truth! Click on the shortcut you just made; if successful you will be running Linux inside of Windows! When you are done with your linux session, exiting VMware will "suspend" Linux's operations for the next time you run it.

That's all, if you have any questions please ask!


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