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Share Files Between Two Computers on the Same Wireless Network - Part IV (Windows Vista to Windows Vista)

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  • Question:*

I have a desktop and a laptop that are connected to a wireless network. I am trying to transfer files wirelessly from my desktop to my laptop. How can I do this?

  • Answer:*

The easiest way to do this is create a shared folder on your desktop computer and map that folder on your laptop computer. This Document is going to be a two part process - Creating the shared drive / Mapping the shared drive.

Since Windows XP and Windows Vista are so dramatically different, this is going to be a four-part Document series. Each part will show the detailed steps on how to share between various XP and Vista combinations.

_*From Windows Vista to Windows Vista*_

Part I: Creating the shared drive

- On the computer that you want to share files from, open Windows Explorer (Start icon -> Computer)

- Select the drive that you want to share (in this example, let's use Drive E:)

- Within the drive, Right Click on the folder that you want to share (in this example, let's use Main Storage Folder) and select *Share...*

- In the descriptive sentence area (where it says "To change this setting, use the...), click on *Network and Sharing Center*

- In the Network and Sharing Center, click the drop down arrow next to File Sharing and select *Turn on File Sharing*

- After a brief moment, the list will close and the green light next to File Sharing will be on. Below this, you will see *Password Protected Sharing*. If you want password protection off, click the drop down arrow and change the option to *Turn Off Password Protected Sharing*.

- At this point you can close the Network and Sharing Center window. Under the File Sharing window, make sure all of the users listed in that section have at least Co-Owner status. If not, the other computer may not be able to make any changes to the shared folder once it is created.

- Click *Share*. You will be prompted whether or not you want the shared folder available in all public networks. This is your choice. Once complete, you will get confirmation that the folder is shared. You will also have the opportunity to email the path to the shared folder or copy and paste it into any application you choose. In this example, the path is as follows:

\(my computer name)-PC\Main Storage Folder.

Part II: Mapping the shared drive

- On the computer you want to share files to, open Network (Start icon -> Network)

- You should see all of the computers that are connected to the wireless network. In this case, there are only two. Click on the computer name of the computer that has the files you want to share.

- Within the next section, you will see the shared folder that you created (Main Storage Folder). The icon will look like a folder with a small T-shaped object protruding from it. If the object has a green coloring to it, the networked folder is active. Right Click on the icon and select *Map Network Drive...*

- The drive letter will automatically set itself starting from Z:. You can change that letter to any other letter that is available.

- The Folder field will be greyed out but will be populated with the correct path of the shared folder

- Make sure that the box next to "Reconnect on Logon" is checked

- Click *Finish*

- A new Windows Explorer window will appear showing the shared folder and all of the subfolders. You can now copy files from and to that folder. Since both computer have access to that shared folder, all files within the shared folder are now available to each computer.

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